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About Us


Happy Tails At Pegasus

Happy Tails is located at Pegasus Event Center in Grantsville, UT. We are situated on just over 100 acres of land, giving the animals we rescue plenty of space to become the best and happiest versions of themselves. 

Happy Tails was started by Evan and Jaime Topham. Over the years Evan and Jaime have rescued many animals, from dogs and cats to horses, sheep, pigs and goats. 

There's No Place like Home

Happy Tails is currently home to 8 dogs, 5 feral cat colonies, as well as various barn cats, 2 goats, 2 sheep, a llama, 4 turkeys, 10 chickens and about 30 horses. Some of the animals are up for adoption, and some will live out the rest of their lives at Happy Tails. 

If you are interested in adopting or donating towards an animals care please contact us.

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