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UPDATE:  Sadly, Monty passed away this year.  He was 40 years old and lived a great life here at Happy Tails.  We miss Monty's cute whinny.  On to greener pastures my friend. 

Monty is approximately 30 years old. Monty's previous owner died and he was left in a pasture by himself. The family did not know how to care for a horse so left him without food. Our friends at Canter Haven heard about Monty and suggested we may be able to help him. Monty was brought to Pegasus shortly afterward and is living out the rest of his days with his older buddies. If you would like to sponsor Monty, please click on the link below, choose sponsor, and let us know that you would like to sponsor Monty

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Monty Today
Monty Day 1
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